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The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus has already infected more than 3 million people worldwide, according to the United Nations, this is the most challenging global crisis since World War II.

The creation of vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 is a challenge for the scientific community due to its high virulence and transmissibility, characteristics of the new coronavirus, whose genome is highly polymorphic, with about 30 variations, according to a research by Zhejiang University (China).

In addition, immunological memory after the first contact with a virus, such as COVID-19 varies in relation to the immunity time, and may fail to protect the patient.

An innovative approach

AMPARO® is an innovative approach that will interrupt the binding of viral particles to the target tissue or cell by interference before or after the viral adhesion process. Biocompatible nanoparticles functionalized with a recombinant human mannose-binding lectin (rhMBL) assume a nanostructured platform (AMPARO) capable of binding to various microorganisms with greater avidity, avoiding over-stimulation of the immune response.

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Get to know how AMPARO® works

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What are the benefits of AMPARO®?

Broad-spectrum antiviral

AMPARO® Can recognize and inhibit various viruses that cause respiratory diseases

Red blood cell protection

When bound to red blood cells, the substance provides stability in the membranes, reducing fragility, protecting them from lysis.

Social Impact

The use of AMPARO® against COVID-19 decreases transmission and attenuates immunological sequelae, reducing the number of simultaneous serious cases and the occupation of hospital beds, preventing the collapse of the health system.

Decreased inflammation

Inhibition of virus replication, preventing stimulation of inflammatory pathways

Accurate drug delivery

Various sizes of nanoparticles driven by the aerosol will reach different types of mucous membranes, maintaining a controlled release of the substance for a longer period in the body, preventing the degradation of the drug, protecting the patient for longer.

What are the steps of AMPARO® functioning?

Development Team

The project has the participation of more than 30 highly specialized biotechnology professionals who are coordinated by the team below:

Drª. Patrícia Moura
Science Team Leader
PhD in Biotechnology. Professor at Universidade de Pernambuco/ICB.
Dr. Fábio Formiga
Nanoarray Formulation and Characterization Coordinator
Drª. Juliana Rebouças
Preclinical Tests Coordinator
Pharmacist, PhD. ICB-UPE
Gabriel H. Lins
Project Development Coordinator
Biomedical Scientist, Specialist in Clinical Neurosciences
Dr. Luydson Vasconcelos
Laboratorial Diagnosis Coordinator
Biologist, PhD. IAM-FIOCRUZ
Drª. Carinna Lima
MBL specialist Researcher
Biomedical Scientist, PhD UFPE
Dr. Adauto Barbosa
Lab Manager
Biologist, PhD ICB/UPE

Business Director

Joseph Miller
Business Team Leader
International Entrepreneur, Business Director, and Founder of Of Joseph PB&T.

Amparo® in the media

The initiative proved to be relevant in renowned media channels.

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